As activist funders, we believe….
that in societies living in a constant state of war or threat of war, religious or caste conflict or who are at the early stages of recovery from violent conflict, people face hurt, anger and pain with feelings of betrayal, disempowerment and loss of bearings. Without direct support and resources, they find it difficult to build relationships based on trust, respect and pluralism.

We believe that it is imperative that development funding, both national and international, takes cognisance of this and invests more -both strategically and substantially- in long-term indigenous peace building work.

It is our view that this peace building work must build from within the affected community, society or country in order for it to be sensitive to local needs and sustainable in the long-term.

We believe that activist funders who are indigenous foundations are well placed to play a constructive and vital role in delivering local peace building and social justice programmes.


Our added value is local knowledge, access to the affected communities and the potential to provide the ‘bridge’ necessary to build relationships and work towards building equality, diversity and inter-dependence.

Our network, therefore, intends to work as a collective to raise awareness of the need for investment in indigenous peace building work and to learn from each other how best to enable this work to be delivered at local level.

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